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An Innovative Solution

Bright Byte’s client had acquired multiple disparate platforms as a result of rapid growth and multiple acquisitions. These platforms performed very similar functionality yet required development, database, and support services unique to each environment.  This drove up costs, increased delivery time for new functionality, impacted customer service levels, and complicated the sales process.

The InVision Back Office Project was started to eliminate the client’s disparate legacy systems by unifying the sales, customer support, transaction processing, rating, billing, product development, and ERP systems into an enterprise-class platform. This new platform will provide internal and external accountability, business intelligence, key performance indicator reporting, and end-to-end audit compliant solutions to clients and employees.

Business Goals |

  • Create a unified back office platform for

    • Customer Billing, Reporting, Reconciliation

    • Vendor, Merchant, Processor and Product (Master Data) management

    • Inventory management

    • Business Intelligence (OLAP-DW)

  • Unify business processes around the common back office platform

  • Minimize revenue leakage

  • Visibility into our financial performance

  • Improved client reporting, including client dashboards and ad hoc reporting

  • Near real-time availability of business intelligence data

Technical Goals |​

  • Master Data Model based on best practice architectural patterns

  • Standardized inventory and product data

  • Common, secure administration toolset

  • Leverage open source technologies (Apache OFBiz)

  • No single points of failure

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