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Bright Byte is uniquely qualified to deliver best-in-class solutions. We specialize in solving complex problems, with technology solutions that generate immediate business value.


Your company is unlike any other and needs solutions that require extensive expertise to solve your specific business problems. That's why we're made up of consultants across a wide range of technology areas with decades of combined experience, delivering solutions that align business directives with IT capabilities.


Our Team

David Holding | CEO

David Holding leads Bright Byte’s business development team, which is responsible for establishing and growing client relationships as well as the implementation of sales processes and methodologies.

David brings over 20 years of successful sales and marketing experience to Bright Byte from a variety of industries including technology, consulting, advertising, and sports. Through the art of relationship building, he has consistently overachieved on his sales and performance goals.

While at Bright Byte, David has been instrumental in the development of the required business relationships that have resulted in hundreds of IT projects which have generated gross revenues of over $90MM.

David’s previous appointment was as Practice Director/Business Development Manager for ThinkSpark, a privately held international consulting firm specializing in Oracle-centric solutions and Browser-based development. At ThinkSpark, David had the responsibility for the management and profitability of the Atlanta practice and took them from 0 to 28 consultants in the first 18 months, making the Atlanta office the most profitable in the company.

Tim Abbott | CTO & CFO

Tim Abbott is responsible for the financial and operational stability of Bright Byte. Tim’s vast experience in the P&L operation of business units within large wireless telecommunications companies makes him ideally suited to this position. Tim also continues to provide Principal Consulting support working with Bright Byte clients within the telecommunications sector.

Tim has over 30 years of software development experience including programming, design, implementation, project management, and account management. He has experience managing clients of various sizes in multiple countries.


Tim is skilled in managing the implementation of mission-critical business support systems along with the development of associated business processes. Tim’s work for Bright Byte clients has included managing the implementation of the Amdocs Enabler product for T-mobile and AT&T wireless and the implementation of OFBiz for Incomm.


Tim’s appointments before joining Bright Byte included Global Product Manager at Digiquant Systems Inc., Atlanta, where he was responsible for coordinating the strategic feature requirements for the Americas and European markets, and Vice President of LHS Communications Systems, Inc, where he was responsible for Account Management (P&L responsibility) for all LHS’s North American clients.

Tim has a Bachelor's Degree (Hons) in Physics with Microprocessor and Computing Applications from Hull University, England, and a Masters Degree MSc in Applied Nuclear Science from Birmingham University, England.

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